ColoradoStrong® Iron On Transfer Large
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*NEW* Check out our iron-on transfers!  This is our answer to many of you wanting custom pieces with our logo on it!  They are made to be used on garments made of cotton, polyester and polycotton blends.  Add them to sweatshirts, sweatpants, bags, baby clothes, pet clothes, long sleeved Tshirts, hoodies, colored Tshirts, etc...  IT IS OUR ORIGINAL LOGO (size LARGE shown).

 8.5" W X 4" H

When applied properly, they are:
-Washer & dryer safe
-Easy to apply to both light and dark colors
-Transfers in under 30 seconds (slightly longer with larger pieces)
-Will not fall off
-Will not melt
Instructions will also be included in your order, but are as follows:
1.  Use a dry iron, set to "cotton" (no steam), pre-heat for 3 minutes
2.  Iron the area on the garment where the transfer will be applied for 5 seconds
3.  Peel your transfer off of the backing
4.  Place the transfer on the garment, image side facing up
5.  Cover the transfer with a silicone sheet, baking/parchment paper, wax paper or aluminum foil-NEVER TOUCH THE TRANSFER DIRECTLY WITH THE IRON!
6.  Using firm pressure, iron the label for 10-15 seconds, moving the iron in a circular motion. If your transfer is large, you may have to iron for 30 seconds to 1 minute)
7.  Wait 10 seconds before removing protective sheet to allow it to cool
-Iron on a hard surface, like a table, covered with a pillowcase, not an ironing board
-Wait 24 hours after ironing to wash garment
-If transfer is not adhering to garment, increase the temperature setting or iron time by 5-30 seconds
This is a great way to rock our logo when a Tshirt simply won't do!


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ColoradoStrong® Iron On Transfer Large

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